Venus flower

The world has become unhinged.
It has become ecologically, economically and socially unbalanced.

Amali stands for hope.

The overall goal of the Amali Foundation is to help the world return to ist original state of equilibrium. Following this idea, the Amali Foundation views itself as a counterbalance, standing up for those who are in danger of falling by the wayside. It concentrates on the topics of women´s and children´s rights, help for refugees as well as environmental and animal protection.

The Amali Foundation wants to offer a voice tot he voiceless and protection for the unprotected as well as to promote empathy and cooperation.

The Amali Foundation supports existing associations and organisations. It also initiates its own projects independently as well as in cooperation with other organisations.

Due to the pressing nature of the matter, the Amali Foundation is a so called consumption foundation which guarantees a larger volume of funding. The foundation is designed to last 20-30 years and will spend all of its assets during this time span on its charitable purpose. After this time the foundation will be liquidated. Or it will be able to continue due to new donations and/ or successful continuing projects.

The Amali Foundation was founded by Angelika Seed in 2015.

Venus Flower

Meaning of the Venus flower